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Maybe it's the fault of social media, or maybe all of us have just reached a low point on our own. Six lonely people would like to take flight from their lives; they hope to find love before giving up hope in human contact. Russian cowboys, Instagram stars, and gurus of hot-air psychology all play a part in this dark comedy, which again and again takes a desperate stand against the wickedness of the world. (Sometimes things might be our own fault, though.)

tags: Society, Humor, Love, Feature film

Cast: Wendy McColm, Cooper Oznowicz, Alexander Stasko, William Gabriel Grier, Sara Estefanos


Screenplay: Wendy McColm

Director of Photography: Nate Cornett

Film Editor: Wendy McColm, Phillip Vernon, Susan LaMarca

Composer: Mark Daniel Dunnett

Costume Design: Lenae Day

Sound: Paul Cornett

Producer: Wendy McColm, Brian Robertson

Production Company: Seedaylight

Co-Producer: Cooper Oznowicz, Shereen Lani Younes

World Sales: Seedaylight

Director: Wendy McColm


Wendy McColm is an actress, author, director, and creative bon vivant who lives in Los Angeles. She has worked for such clients as H&M and Saks Fifth Avenue and has directed numerous short films, such as I AM RADIO (2006) and COMPANY OF CHANGE (2016). BIRDS WITHOUT FEATHERS (2018) is her first full-length feature.