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Silvia's father had often promised to take her to Rome. When it fails to work out yet again, the 11-year-old decides to board the train anyway and travel to the capital by herself. On the train, she meets Emina, a somewhat older Roma girl who seems unafraid of anything. Silvia follows her, and the two develop an unusual friendship.

ABENTEUER ROM is also screened n the section „Kinderfilmfest“on Wednesday, July 4, 3 pm at Rio 1 and on Friday, 6, 9 am at Carl-Amery-Saal/ Gasteig

tags: Adventure, Youth/Coming of Age, Journey, Road Movie, Feature film, Urban

Cast: Donatella Finocchiaro, Filippo Nigro, Lisa Andreozzi, Emina Amatovic, Andrea Atzei


Screenplay: Sandra Vannucchi, Michael King

Original Material: Sandra Vannucchi

Director of Photography: Vladan Radovic

Film Editor: Osvaldo Bargero, Luigi Mearelli

Composer: Marcel Vaid

Production Designer: Roberta Iaci

Costume Design: Sabrina Beretta

Sound: Massimo Pisa

Producer: Michael King

Production Company: Perché No Films srl

Co-Producer: Ruedi Gerber

Co-Production Company: ZAS Films AG

Director: Sandra Vannucchi


Director and screenplay author Sandra Vannucchi was born near Florence in 1964. She studied film and television at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts. She's written and directed numerous short films, including BACK WATERS, SUNDAY MORNING, and NICK. Vannucchi has also been a writer's assistant to David Chase, creator of the well-known US TV series THE SOPRANOS.