Filmfest 2018

German Age Rating

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One day, two stories, dozens of points of view. During the robbery of a small branch office of a bank, hostages are taken. Outside, mediators for the police and their colleagues from the task force are looking for a way to end the incident without bloodshed. Inside, the captives are looking for a way to survive, while the crooks are looking for lots of money — or at least a way to escape. In alternating episodes, the story is told of the perpetrators and of those who hunt them down.

Admission is free. Please be sure to reserve tickets ahead of time online or at the Box Office.

In cooperation with Seriencamp München.

tags: Series, Thriller, Crime/Murder

Cast: Sophie Decleir, Jeroen Perceval, Maaike Neuville, Titus de Voogdt, Geert van Rampelberg


Screenplay: Jonas Geirnaert, Julie Mahieu

Director of Photography: David Williamson, Brecht Goyvaerts

Film Editor: Bert Jacobs, Yoohan Leyssens

Composer: David Martijn

Production Designer: Philippe Bertin

Costume Design: Catherine Marchand

Sound: Matthias Hillegeer

Producer: Hilde De Laere

Production Company: FBO BVBA

Co-Producer: Michiel Devlieger

Co-Production Company: Woestijnvis NV, ZDF neo

World Sales: Dynamic Television LLC

Director: Gilles Coulier, Dries Vos


Dries Vos (first) has worked as a director in film and television for more than ten years. He was involved with the sketch show WAT ALS?, which received an International Emmy Award in 2014. The comedy ALLEMAAL FAMILIE was shown in Belgian theaters in 2016. In 2017, Dries Vos directed the detective comedy BAD TRIP.

Producer, author and director Gilles Coulier (second) directed a number of short films before directing the award-winning TV series BEVERGEM in 2015. In 2017, his first feature film, CARGO, the story of three brothers from a family of fishermen, was shown in theaters.