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Panel discussion by Germany's Federal Casting Association (BVC)

The #MeToo phenomenon has by now become a fundamental topic of discussion regarding gender equality in our society. It's also a pivotal topic in the world of film, television, and theater. This year's panel discussion shall therefore be about abuses of power, established structures of dependency, and the question of changing attitudes in the film industry. Have we simply come to accept the way certain things are done? Do we tolerate discrimination on various levels? How do we treat each other? Do we need a code of conduct?

Germany's Federal Casting Association (BVC) would like to invite you to a discussion about existing structures and perspectives. We want to hear opinions, collect ideas, and increase awareness so that, together, we can bring about change.

The panel will consist of

  • Thelma Buabeng, actress (Berlin)

  • Barbara Rohm, film director and founding member of Pro Quote Film (Berlin)

  • Henning Kamm, producer and CEO of Real Film (Berlin)

  • Boris Schönfelder, producer and CEO of Neue Schönhauser Filmproduktion (Berlin)

  • as well as the BVC's casting directors: Iris Baumüller (Cologne, Berlin), Karimah El-Giamal (Leipzig), Charlotte Siebenrock (Berlin)

Moderated by: Stephen Sikder, BVC (Munich)

Admission is free! In order to assess the popularity of the event, we ask you to register by June 28 by e-mail to We regret that seats may neither be reserved nor guaranteed. Admission only as space permits. This event will be recorded and shown on the Internet at

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