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It's normally a nice thing to receive an award in middle school, but shy Kayla is honored for being the quietest pupil, of all things. Graduation is only a week away, and after that she'll be in high school. Before it comes to that, however, there are still tests to be taken, a pool party to attend, some issues with her single father to deal with, and lots of other reasons for feeling uncomfortable. Hardly anyone watches the videos that Kayla posts on the Internet, but at least they're a space where she can give tips on soul-searching and talk about whatever's on her mind. In his feature-film debut, comedian Bo Burnham empathetically depicts the mirthful sorrows of an eighth-grader. Elsie Fisher was nominated for a Golden Globe for her refreshing performance.

tags: Humor, Youth/Coming of Age, Comedy, Sexuality, Feature film

Cast: Elsie Fisher, Josh Hamilton, Emily Robinson, Jake Ryan


Screenplay: Bo Burnham

Director of Photography: Andrew Wehde

Film Editor: Jennifer Lilly

Composer: Anna Meredith

Production Designer: Sam Lisenco

Costume Design: Mitchell Travers

Producer: Scott Rudin

Production Company: A24

Co-Producer: Eli Bush

Co-Production Company: IAC Films

World Sales: Sony Pictures Releasing International

Distributor: Sony Germany

Director: Bo Burnham


Born in Massachusetts in 1990, Bo Burnham is mainly known as a comedian, actor, singer, and songwriter whose songs get millions of hits on the Internet. He's produced three one-hour comedy specials of his own: "Words Words Words", "what.", and "Make Happy" — and has directed specials for Jerrod Carmichael and Chris Rock. EIGHTH GRADE is his first film.