Filmfest 2018

German Age Rating

People living in our century share a single indivisible destiny: one future. On this note, each year the ONE FUTURE AWARD recognizes a film shown at FILMFEST MÜNCHEN that conveys this idea in an ethically and aesthetically convincing way. This will be the 33rd time that the Interfilm Academy presents this award.

- Navina Neverla, film director and performance artist (India)
- Verena Marisa, musician and soundtrack composer (Brazil, Germany), recipient of the Deutscher Filmmusikpreis in 2014 and Franz-Grothe-Filmmusikpreis in 2016
- Tomasz E. Rudzik, film director and scriptwriter (Poland), recipient of the Bavarian FIlm Award in 2015 (best new director for AGNIESZKA)
- Dr. Peter Marinković, director of the Interfilm Academy

Gerd Baumann (University of Music and Performing Arts Munich) will receive a SPECIAL AWARD. His inimitable sound has strongly influenced the world of German soundtracks. Baumann himself is now a university professor in the area of "composition for film and media".

A surprise guest will deliver a laudatory speech. The award will be presented to musical accompaniment by Radmila Besic on classical guitar (

Open to the public. Free admission. No registration required.

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