Filmfest 2018

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[ZeitWerZ], the cinematically theatrical night of dance, finds inspiration in film, art, and popular culture. The selection of music, visuals, and performance interweave popular associations and nerd knowledge and create imaginative settings for an eventful night, forgotten music, and fantastic visuals. As part of FILMFEST MÜNCHEN, DJ Kim_Twiddle arranges the diverse musical delicacies of the [ZWZ] series, vol. 1–8. True to the style of each genre, she catapults lovers of all genres, sexes, and generations through different worlds and times, while video artist Lumines Fuchs brings the exquisite stories of the [ZWZ] superhero(in)es to life in all their glory. The music ranges from soundtracks, chansons, and swing to bastard pop, hip-hop, and psychedelic rock, to blues, noir jazz, and electronic and Old School styles.

DJ Kim_Twiddle in cooperation with theter ensemble (Augsburg), SBL-Massiv Performances, and the WUT-Kollektiv (München)

Admission: €9, or €5 if in costume as your favorite movie star or superhero(ine)

Location: Import/Export, Kreativquartier, Dachauerstraße 114

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