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A mysterious man is held in a maximum-security prison on a desert military base — for announcing his foreboding prophecies. Salome, the daughter of the base's corrupt commander, becomes obsessed with him. Set amid a war in the Middle East, this farce tells the biblical story of Salome and John the Baptist in a modern, surreal way. This film shines with its excellent cast, which includes cult favorite Lola Dueñas from Pedro Almodóvar's films.

tags: Relationship, Violence, Queer, Feature film, Surreal

Cast: Ingrid García-Jonsson, Oliver Laxe, Francesc Orella, Lola Dueñas


Screenplay: Luís Miñarro, Sergi Belbel

Director of Photography: Santiago Racaj

Film Editor: Núria Esquerra, Gemma Cabello

Composer: Esteban Aldrete

Production Designer: Claudio Ramírez Castelli

Costume Design: Brenda Gomez

Sound: Al Rey Bolaño, Amanda Villavieja

Producer: Julio Chavezmontes

Production Company: Somos Piano

Co-Producer: Luís Miñarro

Co-Production Company: Luis Miñarro Albero

World Sales: Reel Suspects

Director: Lluis Miñarro Albero


Lluís Miñarro was born in Barcelona in 1949. At 18, he founded a film club and organized film screenings in Andorra while the dictatorship of Franco raged in Spain. In 1980, he began writing film reviews and making commercials. In 1995, he founded the Eddie Saeta S.A. production company, and has produced nearly 30 films since then. As a director, Miñarro has made FAMILYSTRIP and BLOW HORN (both 2009) as well as the short films 101 (2012) and MEAT STEW (2015). His feature-film debut, FALLING STAR (2014), which deals with the short reign of Amadeo of Savoy in the 1870s, was shown at more than 50 international festivals and received several awards. LOVE ME NOT is his second feature-length film.