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Structural reform of public broadcasting must focus on the quality of the programming - A panel discussion by Germany's Green Party and Federal Association of Film Directors

The German states' task force on "Purview and Structural Optimization of Broadcasters" is working on a new definition of the purview of Germany's public broadcasters. These were asked to offer suggestions for how to change the way they've been structured. The aim of this reform is primarily to lower costs — by reforming these structures. Such a reduction in costs must, however, by no means be borne by the creators of content for public broadcasters, since this content gives the public broadcasters their reason for existing. This reform can be viable only if it guarantees a public broadcasting system that can continue to operate because it is moderately financially secure. Only with a well-considered formulation of the purview, sufficient funds for good content, and structures that are adjusted accordingly will the public broadcasting system be able to address the challenges it faces. Ulrike Gote of the Green Party, who is vice-president of the Bavarian state parliament, and the Federal Association of Film Directors invite you to discuss the future of Germany's public broadcasting system.

• Dr. Heinz Fischer-Heidlberger, chair of the budget committee for German public broadcasters
• Tabea Rössner, spokesperson for Internet policy and consumer protection
• Heike Raab, state chancellery of Rheinland-Pfalz, head of the state task force "Purview and Structural Optimization of Broadcasters"
• Dr. Susanne Pfab, secretary general, ARD
• Klaus Raab, journalist
• Daniela Beaujean, director of legal affairs and regulation, VAUNET (association of privately owned media)
• Katarina Schickling, board member of the Association of Film Directors and spokesperson for the documentary filmmakers' division
• Stephan Wagner, board member of the Association of Film Directors

Moderated by: Ulrike Gote, vice-president of the Bavarian state parliament and spokesperson for media policy of the Green faction in the Bavarian parliament

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Location: Bayerischer Landtag

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