Filmfest 2019

German Age Rating

How mean! Stuck-up Berenike from the (G-)Lämmer Girls clique has invited all her classmates to a big party she’s throwing - everyone exept Lotta and Cheyenne. The two eleven-year-olds refuse to accept this and come up with ways to attend the party anyway. Yet even the idea of hiring teen heartthrob Marlon to sing doesn’t work out, and the two best friends wind up arguing. Lotta wouldn’t be Lotta, however, if she weren’t able to reconcile with Cheyenne and to understand the meaning of true friendship. Based on the best-selling series of children’s books by German author Alice Pantermüller.

Recommended for ages 8 and up
School: 3rd-6th grade

tags: Friendship, Humor, Kinderfilmfest, Childhood, Comedy, Feature film

Cast: Meggy Hussong, Yola Streese, Levi Kazmaier, Laura Tonke, Oliver Mommsen


Screenplay: Bettina Börgerding

Original Material: Alice Pantermüller, Daniela Kohl

Director of Photography: Daniel Gottschalk

Film Editor: Bernd Schlegel

Composer: Oliver Thiede

Production Designer: Michael Binzer

Costume Design: Frauke Firl

Sound: Andreas Wölki

Producer: Dagmar Blume-Niehage, Philipp Budweg, Robert Marciniak

Production Company: Dagstar Film / Lieblingsfilm GmbH

Co-Producer: Sonja Ewers

Co-Production Company: Senator Film Köln GmbH

Distributor: Wild Bunch Germany GmbH

Director: Neele Leana Vollmar


Born in Bremen in 1978, Neele Leana Vollmar grew up in the nearby town of Stenum in Lower Saxony. After High School, she was an assistant director on various film productions. From 2000 to 2005, Vollmar attended the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg in Ludwigsburg. During her studies, she made the 2003 short film MEINE ELTERN (MY PARENTS), which was shown at 250 festivals around the world, receiving numerous awards. In 2008, Vollmar directed FRIEDLICHE ZEITEN, an adaptation of a novel by Birgit Vanderbeke, and in 2009 MARIA, IHM SCHMECKT’S NICHT!, adapted from a bestseller by Jan Weiler.