Filmfest 2018

German Age Rating

By invitation only

Since 2000, German pay-TV channel 13th Street has dedicated itself to promoting budding directors. On July 4, the company will bestow its prestigious short-film award upon a talented filmmaker for the 19th time. Whether in the genre of action movies, thrillers, mystery, horror or crime films, practically no limits are set on the filmmakers' artistic freedom. A star-studded jury chooses the winner from among the top 10 submissions, all of which are given a prime-time slot. First prize is the opportunity to attend the Universal Filmmaster Program in Los Angeles. In Hollywood, the award recipient will get an inside look at one of the most influential film studios in the world. Script development, production, and marketing are among the most important divisions; various events offer networking opportunities. Oscar-winner Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck was the first recipient of the 13th Street Shocking Short award in 2000.

While the 13th Street Shocking Short is presented each year at an exclusive, invitation-only awards ceremony at an extraordinary top-secret location, you can enjoy this year's top 10 films, all of which are celebrating their German premiere, at the Long Night of 13th Street Shocking Shorts on Friday, July 6 at 10:13 p.m. at the City 1 cinema.

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