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What a start to the family vacation! Ten-year-old Sam is vacationing with his family on the Dutch island of Terschelling and his older brother Jorre breaks his leg on the first day. It’s a pain to Jorre, but a blessing to Sam. Why? Because it leads to Sam meeting Tess, who is chaotic and fascinating in equal measure. She has a crazy plan - to locate her father, who doesn’t even know he has a daughter, within just one week - and she needs Sam’s help in pulling off this huge caper. A wonderfully strange week ensues, full of contradictory emotions and adventures, in which the kids pose life’s big questions. A witty and profound coming-of-age story.

Recommended for ages 9 and up
School: 3rd-6th grade

tags: Family, Friendship, Youth/Coming of Age, Feature film, Kinderfilmfest

Cast: Sonny van Utteren, Josephine Arendsen, Julian Ras, Johannes Kienast, Tjebbo Gerritsma


Screenplay: Laura van Dijk

Original Material: Anna Woltz

Director of Photography: Sal Kroonenberg

Film Editor: Christine Houbiers

Composer: Franziska Henke

Production Designer: Florian Legters

Costume Design: Margriet Procee

Sound: Jos ten Klooster

Producer: Joram Willink, Piet-Harm Sterk

Production Company: BIND

Co-Producer: Marcel Lenz, Guido Schwab, Anna van der Staak

Co-Production Company: Ostlicht Filmproduktion GmbH, VPRO

World Sales: Picture Tree International GmbH

Distributor: farbfilm verleih

Director: Steven Wouterlood


Steven Wouterlood was born in Utrecht in 1984. In 2013, he directed the children’s TV film ANYTHING GOES, which was honored with the Emmy Kids Award, the Kids Award at the Toronto International Film Festival, and many other awards. His short film KING’S DAY (2015) also received numerous awards. In 2016, he directed the TV series REMI, NOBODY’S BOY, based on Hector Malot’s 1978 novel „Sans famille“. MY EXTRAORDINARY SUMMER WITH TESS is his feature-film debut.