Filmfest 2019

Zurich, 1519. Young Ulrich Zwingli uses his appointment as priest of the Grossmünster to preach fearlessly against the social evils in the city and at the church. Fierce discussions break out. In the name of the Pope and the Emperor, the Bishop of Constance finally demands Zwingli’s arrest. Further power struggles erupt after a public debate when the city council unexpectedly sides with Zwingli against the bishop’s envoy. And while Zwingli’s theses threaten to start a civil war, God-fearing widow Anna is more and more fascinated by this extraordinary man.

tags: History, Society, Religion, Feature film

Cast: Max Simonischek, Sarah Sophia Meyer, Anatole Taubman, Stefan Kurt, Charlotte Schwab


Screenplay: Simone Schmid

Director of Photography: Michael Hammon

Film Editor: Kaya Inan

Composer: Diego Baldenweg

Production Designer: Su Erdt

Costume Design: Monika Schmid

Sound: Patrick Storck

Producer: Anne Walser

Production Company: C-Films AG

Co-Producer: Mario Krebs

Co-Production Company: EIKON GmbH

World Sales: Global Screen GmbH

Distributor: W-film Distribution

Director: Stefan Haupt


Born in Zurich in 1961, Stefan Haupt is trained in teaching theater to children. Since 1989, he's been directing feature and documentary films on a freelance basis. His fictional documentary DER KREIS (2014) received the Panorama Audience Award at the Berlinale as well as the Swiss Film Award for best film. Haupt is also known for feature films, including UTOPIA BLUES (2001), as well as for such documentaries as A SONG FOR ARGYRIS (2006) and SAGRADA: THE MYSTERY OF CREATION (2012).