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Faustine, a Parisian social worker, is a recent convert to Islam. Taking along her five-year-old son, she travels to ISIS-held parts of Syria to help those affected by the war. Gradually, however, it becomes clear to her what a horrible situation she's put herself in. Meanwhile, her husband Sylvain finds out that his wife and son aren't in Turkey as they had claimed. Receiving her call for help, he and two activists undertake a dangerous rescue mission while Faustine looks for a way to escape from Raqqa. Emmanuel Hamon's first feature film is based on a true story.

tags: Arab World, Family, War, Feature film, Thriller

Cast: Swann Arlaud, Finnegan Oldfield, Jisca Kalvanda, Charles Berling, Kassem Al Khoja


Screenplay: Benjamin Dupas

Director of Photography: Thomas Bataille

Film Editor: Yorgos Lamprinos

Composer: Armand Amar

Production Designer: Pascale Consigny

Costume Design: Anne-Sophie Gledhill

Sound: Olivier Péria, Rym Debbarh-Mounir, Vincent Verdoux

Producer: Frédéric Brillion, Gilles Legrand

Production Company: Epithète Films

Co-Production Company: OCS, Ciné +

World Sales: Playtime

Director: Emmanuel Hamon


Emmanuel Hamon was an assistant director to Régis Wargnier (INDOCHINE, 1992), Patrice Chéreau (QUEEN MARGOT, 1994), and Robert Altman (READY TO WEAR, also 1994) before he began directing his own documentaries with political, social, and historical themes. These included THE RUSSIAN REVOLUTION THROUGH ITS FILMS (2017), which was shown at the Venice Film Festival. ESCAPE FROM RAQQA marks his return to fiction and is his first feature film.