Filmfest 2019

Ten-year-old Morten’s life isn’t exactly going smoothly. His father is at sea most of the time, so the languorous boy has to live with his strict Aunt Annabelle. When a broken pipe floods her café and a magic mishap shrinks Morten to the size of a bug, he becomes captain of his own little toy ship. With a quirky crew of insects, he embarks on an adventurous voyage through the deluge. But how will tiny Morten manage to return to normal size? To prevail in this exciting adventure, he must show great courage and cleverness, develop team spirit, and experience personal growth. An imaginative, surrealist stop-motion puppetry film.

Recommended for ages 8 and up
School: 2nd-5th grade

tags: Adventure, Animation, Family, Friendship, Kinderfilmfest, Childhood

Speaker: Cian O’Dowd, Brendan Gleeson, Michael McElhatton, Ciarán Hinds, Pauline McLynn


Screenplay: Kaspar Jancis, Mike Horelick, Paul Risacher, Robin Lyons, Andrew Offiler

Original Material: Kaspar Jancis

Director of Photography: Ragnar Neljandi

Film Editor: Keith O´Gairbhin

Composer: Pierre Yves Drapeu

Production Designer: Kaspar Jancis, Riho Unt

Costume Design: Kaspar Jancis

Sound: Claran O`Tuairisc

Producer: Kerdi Oengo

Production Company: OÜ Nukufilm

Co-Producer: Paul Cummins, Mark Mertens, Robin Lyons

Co-Production Company: Telegael, Grid Animation, Calon

Director: Kaspar Jancis


Composer and film director Kaspar Jancis was born in Tallinn in 1975. His works include FRANK & WENDY (2004), KROKODILL (2009), and PIANO (2015).