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Margot needs a break: a short break from herself, from her addiction, and from life. The treatment center she checks into offers exactly that, but the time spent there won't be easy. Margot's acquaintance with a wide range of characters who become her companions, supporters, and friends makes up for that. All of them have their own story to tell. Director Fabienne Godet spent several years researching the topic of addiction by attending meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous and visiting a rehabilitation clinic. Godet's strong interest in this subject, her understanding of the various conditions that lead to addiction, and the comfort offered by the company of others are reflected in this film to an impressive degree.

tags: Loneliness, Friendship, Society, Guilt, Feature film

Cast: Julie Moulier, Zoé Héran, Bruno Lochet, Françoise Pinkwasser, Camille Rutherford


Screenplay: Fabienne Godet, Julie Moulier

Director of Photography: Marie Celette

Film Editor: Florent Mangeot

Composer: Fabien Bourdier

Sound: Valérie de Loof, Marianne Roussy

Producer: Bertrand Faivre

Production Company: Le Bureau

World Sales: The Bureau Sales

Director: Fabienne Godet


Fabienne Godet was born in Angers, France, in 1964. While working as a sociologist, she began making her first short films. BURNT OUT (2006) was her first feature-length film; the documentary MY GREATEST ESCAPE (2009) followed. A PLACE ON EARTH (2013) saw her working with Julie Moulier, who plays Margot in OUR WONDERFUL LIVES (2018).