Filmfest 2019

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These young women are an odd couple. Julie is quick-witted and stubborn. She celebrates idleness and even voluntarily checks into a psychiatric clinic. Nurse Agnes, on the other hand, is always eager to do the right thing and to meet everyone's expectations of her, which is not always easy. When the two of them accidentally meet one day, odds are they won't get along. But they quickly feel attracted to one another, despite their enormous differences. Together, they start seeing the world in a new way. This is a star-studded tragicomedy with an Italian vibe.
This film is also part of the CineCoPro Competition

tags: Women, Friendship, Feature film

Cast: Natalia Belitski, Luisa Céline Gaffron, Giuseppe Battiston, Martin Wuttke, Katharina Schüttler


Screenplay: Elisa Mishto

Director of Photography: Francesco Di Giacomo

Film Editor: Baetrice Babin, Cristiano Travaglioli

Composer: Sascha Ring

Production Designer: Sylvester Koziolek

Costume Design: Gitti Fuchs

Sound: Tobias Rüther

Producer: Martina Haubrich

Production Company: CALA Filmproduktion GmbH

Co-Producer: Andrea Stucovitz

Co-Production Company: PMI srl – PartnerMediaInvestment, Cine Plus, Farbfilm Produktion

World Sales: Intra Movies

Distributor: Farbfilm Verleih GmbH

Director: Elisa Mishto


Elisa Mishto, born in Reggio Emilia, Italy, in 1978, graduated with honors from Goldsmiths University in London in 2008. She’s been making short films and documentaries since 2004. STAY STILL is her first feature film as a director.