Filmfest 2019

German Age Rating

We don't find out much about Nour and Amine. The two young jihadi women have been assigned to the same mission: to blow up an oil refinery in the Sahara. While they prepare for the task and await the delivery of the weapons they'll need, they gradually get to know each other. Nour is gruff, disciplined, and unconditionally convinced that they will enter paradise after the attack. Armine, on the other hand, is passive and introverted. This intense situation brings the two of them together — so much so that it jeopardizes their mission.

tags: Arab World, War, Feature film, Thriller

Cast: Sarah Layssac, Mohamed Oughlis, Messaouda Boukhira, Hacene Benzerari


Screenplay: Merzak Allouache

Director of Photography: Mohamed Tayeb Laggoune

Film Editor: Merzak Allouache

Sound: Mohamed Amine Teggar

Producer: Merzak Allouache

Production Company: Baya Films

Co-Producer: Bahia Allouache

Co-Production Company: Les Asphofilms

Director: Merzak Allouache


Born in Algeria in 1944, Merzak Allouache attended film schools in Algeria and Paris. Since his debut film, OMAR GATLATO (1976), he has been one of the most influential Algerian directors and authors. His extensive filmography includes such works as MUGHAMARAT BATAL (1979), HI COUSIN! (1996), EL TAAIB (2012), and ES-STOUH (2013).