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Jaksch is in his late 20s. In Munich, he encounters people one meets every day and others who are seldom seen. Between being driven and going with the flow, we see a panorama of fading youth and everything that is important in it: eating, drinking, sex, and money. It's about life, which is going pretty well, although one sometimes wonders whether something isn't missing. In 2016, this zany comedy series was a hit on the Internet before it was bought by the ZDF network, which will be showing it later this year.

tags: Aging, Comedy, Series

Cast: Jakob Schreier, Isabella Wolf, Katrin Röver, Mehmet Sözer, Barbara Romaner


Screenplay: Chiara Grabmayr, Jakob Schreier, Philipp Klakl, Romina Eckert, Sina Haghiri

Director of Photography: Johannes Brugger

Film Editor: Lukas Meissner, Aaron Arens, Lion Bischof, Chiara Grabmayr, Jakob Schreier

Composer: Martin Brugger

Production Designer: Theresa Scheitzenhammer

Costume Design: Henriette Müller

Sound: Kai Ziarkowski

Producer: Veronika Neuber, Trini Götze, David Armati Lechner

Co-Producer: Bettina Wente, Heinz-Georg Voskort

Production Company: Trimafilm GmbH

Co-Production Company: Network Movie Film- und Fernsehproduktion GmbH

Director: Chiara Grabmayr

Editor: Jörg Schneider

TV channel: ZDF - Das kleine Fernsehspiel


Chiara Grabmayr was born in Vienna in 1988, and grew up with the typically Viennese brand of backhanded humor. She studied digital media in Salzburg before enrolling at HFF München to study film directing. In 2016, Grabmayr received the First Steps Award for her internationally award-winning commercial "Moonjourney". Grabmayr has written and directed the miniseries FAT AND FAT, which the ZDF network will broadcast in 2019.