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The City of Munich's Kinoprogrammpreise or Cinema Awards, established in 2002, will this year for the first time be presented at FILMFEST MÜNCHEN. These awards recognize the achievements of Munich's cinema operators in upholding the city's culture of cinema, both in a quality selection of films and in their efforts to maintain movie theaters as attractive venues. Art house cinemas, for example, show series of films on diverse political and societal topics and give audiences the opportunity to examine these films in more depth in panel discussions with film directors and experts. These cinemas regularly participate in film festivals, have screenings for children, adolescents, and senior citizens, show films in their original language, and screen short films and documentaries. Art house cinemas make an essential contribution to Munich's cultural diversity.

Following the presentation of the award will be a discussion (in German) with the title "Quo vadis, Cinema? The System between Established Subsidies and Alternative Models". The panelists will be Dunja Bialas, Dorothee Erpenstein, Ingo Fließ, and Edgar Reitz (invited). The moderator will be Christian Pfeil.

The 2019 award-winners are: Thomas Kuchenreuther for the ABC Kino, Markus Eisele and Christian Pfeil for the Arena Filmtheater, Fritz and Christoph Pressmar for the Filmtheater Sendlinger Tor, Thomas Wilhelm for the Neues Rex Filmtheater, Elisabeth Kuonen-Reich (†) for the Rio Filmpalast, Wolfgang Bihlmeir, Bernd Brehmer, Doris Kuhn, and Erich Wagner for the Werkstattkino



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Date & Time

Monday, 7/1/2019, 2:00 PM (90 Min.)
Gasteig Black Box