At the Kinderfilmfest 2019, we proudly present a brand-new selection of international films that are brimming with imagination and that give form to all the diverse and creative things that frolic in children's minds, from talking dogs to singing dragons to magic flutes to flying teachers. Whether as the captain of one's own toy ship, as a superheroine with the power of invisibility, as a girl with a steadfast dream, or as like-minded or disparate friends that can achieve something by joining forces, the young heroines and heroes reveal the magic inherent in everyday life and use all the tricks they can to make their own wishes, problems, and feelings palpable. They invite you to enter their world and see things from their perspective.

So take your seats in the theater and let's roll the film! We look forward to seeing you, and we wish you a wonderful festival with fantastic discoveries and lots of entertaining experiences that you can share with your family, your friends, and fellow classmates!

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