CineMasters Competition

The ties of kinship

It's pretty much impossible to hide one's true self from one's family. They know our good side and our darker side. To some, the family is a source of support; to others, a cause of despair. Either way, the family is a wellspring of stories. It's this way in movies as well; attesting to this are the master film directors whose latest works can be seen in this year's CineMasters competition. In this year's films, A father and son draw closer in the face of a grave illness. Two brothers, separated for years, return home and together search for a new way forward. A 16-year-old girl confronted by the ways of her older, seductive cousin starts to look at life somewhat differently. Our dealings with family members result in emotions that many of these masterful films draw upon. Whether we choose to experience these emotions with or without our own family is something each of us must decide.

Tatjana Michel

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