New German Series

First comes a full stomach, then comes ethics

Bertolt Brecht once said that deceit is necessary for truth to spread. In the age of WikiLeaks and other networks of whistleblowers, this statement applies more than ever. In our section of New German TV Series, the issue of moral obligation motivating the actions of whistleblowers is raised in WEST OF LIBERTY. In this thriller series, a former double agent who once worked for the CIA and the Stasi must confront the mastermind behind the "Hydraleaks" platform. In the third season of Ferdinand von Schirach's SHADES OF GUILT, attorney Friedrich Kronberg is also in a moral quandary or two. A full stomach, or rather enjoyment of eating, drinking, and life, is the subject of the Web series FAT AND FAT, which describes the everyday life of a Munich resident in his late 20s. This doesn't mean that making a lifestyle change won't result in other problems. The satirical comedy series THE INSTITUTE – OASIS OF FAILURE is completely politically incorrect: a minefield in the jungle of cross-cultural understanding.

Barbara Oswald

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