Lights! Camera! Action!

Behind the Scenes

Film classics can't be planned as such — but they can be created together. Only when all the different elements mesh can great art result. Five examples illustrate the tremendous effort made by all participating artists, the importance of striking the right chord, and the politically explosive power that can reside in images. Forty years after it was made, Francis Ford Coppola's classic APOCALYPSE NOW has been restored and shines like new. As Ridley Scott's cult alien also celebrates its 40th anniversary, MEMORY: THE ORIGINS OF ALIEN explains the thrilling background to this masterpiece of science-fiction horror. MAKING WAVES, in turn, illustrates how much work goes into making sounds and how important sound is to storytelling. Last but not least, two documentaries deal with the effects of film and television: the legendary shows from the 1950s and ’60s in HUGH HEFNER'S AFTER DARK were pioneers of a diversified society, while ART OF ACTING shows us the hidden challenges of the acting profession.

Oliver Armknecht

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