Open Air | MUNICH, Baby!

Whether it's love at first sight or slow, steady seduction, Munich is alluring to residents and visitors alike. No one can resist this fascinating and beautiful city, especially when the weather turns warmer. It takes only a bike for the whole city to be yours, and if you bring a jacket along, you won't want to leave the beer gardens. There's always a cozy corner to discover that doesn't conform to the usual clichés.

It's this kind of atmosphere that our Open Air movies revive: with a picnic meal, a spritzer in your hand, and the last rays of the sun disappearing behind the boulevard. When a big, outdoor screen is showing films set in this very city whose magic has already been felt, then everything falls into place.

This year's Open Air section of FILMFEST MÜNCHEN aims to do exactly that: to rekindle that old flame or to make you fall in love all over again. In eight films, directors from Munich paint their own portraits of the city, making the Bavarian capital both a backdrop and a protagonist. It doesn't matter whether the films are set in the 1960s or today: Munich has never been afraid of contrasting its metropolitan vibes and village gossip, its conservatism and cosmopolitan attitude, its clichés and subculture. In the end, there's no escape, for everyone succumbs to Munich's charm.

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