Series Spotlight


"Hot" is the word for the selection in this year's Series Spotlight, presented by FILMFEST MÜNCHEN in cooperation with the Seriencamp Festival. These international productions demonstrate how diverse the range of series has become over the past several years. We see political hotspots, like Spain under the Franco regime in the 1960s, burned-out guys like VERNON SUBUTEX, and tension at a fever pitch as the deadly Ebola virus threatens to spread.

The new BBC production DARK MONEY shows how accepting hush money for the sexual abuse of a young actor can threaten to tear a family apart. Not only is the highly topical subject of sexual abuse taken up sensitively; the series also depicts the despair of the victim and his family, who are in such dire financial straits that they feel they no choice but to accept the money. Beyond these fictional series, and in line with various musical documentaries at the festival, FILMFEST MÜNCHEN is showing a documentary series about the Wu-Tang Clan. The band's history and its red-hot beats and lyrics will be refreshed in our memory.

Barbara Oswald

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