Type Prices
(via WebShop & at the Filmfest
Box Offices)
Regular screening at all
participating Festival Cinemas

 Standard rate 10.90 Euro |

Reduced rate 7.90 Euro

Kinderfilmfest | School screenings 3.50 Euro
Morning Movies 7.90 Euro
Series Spotlight Free admission 
(plus 1.00 Euro technical surcharge) 
Special Series Screenings 23.90 Euro
Filmfest Package - 5x Ticket 47.00 Euro
Filmfest Package - 10x Ticket 89.00 Euro
Filmfest Package - 20x Ticket 158.00 Euro




  • School children, university students, retirees, persons performing compulsory military or alternate service, the unemployed, welfare recipients and people with disabilities can purchase tickets at the reduced rate of € 7.90 upon presentation of the appropriate credentials at the Filmfest box offices and when entering the Festival Cinema (one reduced-rate ticket per screening).