Important Info

All films are presented in the original language.
Please note the following codes in the timetable:


German version
Original version
Original version with German subtitles
Original version with English subtitles
Original version with French subtitles
dt. eingespr.
German simultaneous translation on headphones
Empf. ab
Recommended minimum age


Movie ticket sales are final. Tickets cannot be returned or exchanged.

If not otherwise specified, films shown at the FILMFEST MÜNCHEN are for adults (at least 18 years old).

Please note:

Some films may arrive just before the Filmfest begins and the subtitles code in the timetable may no longer apply.

A film's length is based on information supplied to us and may, in some cases, be inaccurate.
Despite all our efforts to have things run smoothly, last minute changes in the program or schedule may be unavoidable. We regret that, in such cases, it is sometimes too late to make them public.

To avoid disturbing others, please be on time. Theater doors close when the screening begins.

Please note that only smaller items may be taken in the venue. Umbrellas and backpacks are not allowed. There will be random inspections before admittance.

You can check large objects free of charge at the Gasteig festival center. No luggage check at the other festival theaters.

Recording devices prohibited:

Any unauthorized recording of motion pictures screened in our theaters is illegal and will be prosecuted criminally as well as civilly. In order to avoid any misunderstandings we request that you not take any recording devices whatsoever with you into the screenings.

Please turn off your mobile and smartphone during the screening.