Accessible screenings

Tickets for wheelchair users


  • Wheelchair users receive tickets at a reduced price of 8.70 EUR (plus a 1.20 EUR service fee; one reduced-price ticket per screening). A suitable ID card or attestation must be presented at the Filmfest box offices and at the entrance to the auditorium.

  • Please note that accessibility to wheelchair users and the availability of wheelchair seating vary among the individual Filmfest venues. Therefore, please check first whether the selected screening is accessible to you. On the pages of the individual venues you will also find information on their respective accessibility. You’ll find an overview of the venues here.

  • There are special wheelchair spaces and seats for accompanying individuals. More information on booking these will follow shortly.


Tickets for accompanying individuals


  • An individual accompanying a person with a disability whose ID states that he or she is authorized to be accompanied shall receive a free ticket for the desired screening.

  • Upon presentation of the appropriate ID at the Filmfest box offices, you will receive two tickets for the price of one reduced ticket for the desired screening.

  • In the ticket Webshop, please book two tickets at the “Handicap B” price: one each for yourself and the person accompanying you. You must present your ID when entering the auditorium (exception for wheelchair spaces: see above).

  • Please note that there are no refunds for tickets purchased in the usual manner.


Wheelchair and companion seats must be booked via or by calling the Munich Ticket Call Center at 089 54 81 81 403.


Accessibility at the festival venues


Information on accessibility at the individual venues can be found here.




  • We offer inclusion versions for films in cooperation with the app GRETA: CLASHING DIFFERENCES, BEYOND SILENCE.

  • Audio description and enhanced subtitles for the screenings will be offered through the GRETA app. After installing the app and downloading the audio descriptions or the extended subtitles on your smartphone (Android or iOS), you can use the inclusive versions. Prerequisites are your own smartphone with the app installed and headphones. You can find more information here.