Important Info


The films are shown in the original version.
Please note the information in the program!



Briefly explained


German version




Original version




Original version with German subtitles




Original version with English subtitles




Original version with French subtitles



dt. eingespr.

German voice-over



Empf. ab

Recommended for ages X and up




Cinema tickets are excluded from return and exchange.

Unless otherwise stated, FILMFEST MÜNCHEN films are only released to the public from the age of 18.

A few films arrive only shortly before the film festival. Under certain circumstances, the subtitle information given in the timetable may not apply.

The length information for the films is based on the information available to us. Deviations are possible in exceptional cases.

Despite all our efforts to ensure a smooth running of the event, program changes or time shifts may occur at short notice that cannot be announced in time. In this case we ask for your understanding.

In order to avoid disruptions, we kindly ask you to come to the performances on time. No admission after the beginning of the performance!

Please understand that only smaller pieces of luggage may be taken into the performance area. It is not permitted to bring cane umbrellas or backpacks. Random checks will be made at the entrance.





Unauthorized recording of cinema films has consequences under criminal and civil law. To avoid misunderstandings, we would therefore like to ask you to refrain from carrying recording devices.

Mobile devices must be turned off during the screening.