Film - Spotlight Filmfest 2016


Directed by Halkawt Mustafa


Director: Halkawt Mustafa
Section: Spotlight
Country: Norway
Year: 2015
Language: Arabic, Kurdish
Version: Original version with English subtitles
Cast: Wrya Ahmed, Dana Ahmed, Rozhin Sharifi, Kamaran Raof, Nyan Aziz



EL CLÁSICO is what they call the soccer matches between Barcelona and Real Madrid. Midget brothers Alan and Shirwan live in a Kurdish town in Northern Iraq. Alan wants to marry beautiful Gona, but her father Jalal doesn’t want his daughter to marry a midget. Since Gona’s father is a huge Real Madrid fan, Alan decides his only hope of changing the patriarch’s mind is to go to Madrid and present star Ronaldo with a pair of shoes made by Jalal. The diminutive brethren set out for Spain, through an Iraq dominated by smugglers, terrorists and bureaucrats – riding on an ATV.

Meet the director


Halkawt Mustafa

Halkawt Mustafa was born in Sulaymani, Iraqi Kurdistan, in 1985. He moved to Norway with his family in 2000 and became a Norwegian citizen. He studied directing at NISS (Nordic Institute of Stage and Studio). RED HEART (2011) was his first feature film.


Screenplay: Anders Fagerholt, Halkawt Mustafa
Director of Photography: Kjell Vassdal
Film Editor: Inge-Lise Langfeldt
Composer: Trond Bjerknes
Production Designer: Zana Taqialdin, Jalah Zakizadeh
Sound: Bahman Ardalan
Producer: Halkawt Mustafa
Production Company: Hene Films As
Co-Producer: Salvan Zaito, Anders Graham
Co-Production Company: Turbin Film, Kurdisk Film Fond