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Munich is the capital of the Free State of Bavaria and, with around 1.5 million inhabitants, not only the most populous city in Bavaria but also the third largest city in Germany and the centre of the Munich Metropolitan Region. Munich is a cosmopolitan city and is considered a centre of culture, politics, science and media. Since the founding of the FILMFEST MÜNCHEN in the early 1980s, the state capital has been one of the shareholders of the Internationale Münchner Filmwochen GmbH.


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The state capital Munich is a modern, sustainable and flourishing city, which naturally also includes a diverse cultural life.

Munich has always been an important location for film and media companies. I am quite sure that it will remain so.

And it is important to us as a city to support art house cinemas in particular, in order to present the whole wealth of cinematic possibilities.

That's why I'm pleased that we have been home to Filmfest München, one of the most renowned film festivals in the German-speaking world, for decades.


A festival that brings an international scene to the city, enables artistic exchange and also focuses on and strengthens the local cinemas as important cultural meeting places.

Lord Mayor Dieter Reiter

From the very beginning, the City of Munich has supported this festival with a great deal of commitment and financial resources in order to give a broad audience - not least children and young people - access to this special cultural event.

We look forward to many more exciting discoveries and film-filled years!