Beergarden Convention

"The Munich Way the Industry Works"

It is impossible to imagine the German film industry without the Munich Film Festival. As the most important meeting place, national and international industry representatives gather in Munich every year to exchange ideas. In addition to formal meetings, the Summer Festival of Film is also a place for countless informal gatherings of the German film scene, from which many an important film project has emerged. And of course these meetings often happen in the wonderful beer gardens of Munich. So it's only logical that Filmfest München has bundled its entire industry program under one central slogan - the Beergarden Convention. It's an event and a place where you can gather new ideas, form new alliances, get inspired and work on new projects with new friends.


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... is program: Keynotes, Panels, Conferences, Workshops and more - an exciting and trend-setting Industry Program (German/English) is open to accredited guests (Industry, Press, Festival Section Guests) of FILMFEST MÜNCHEN.
... is meeting point: In the garden of the Amerikahaus, an exclusive area is reserved for accredited guests only, to network, to discuss, to be together comfortably or to make new contacts.
... is Gemütlichkeit: Nowhere in Germany do audience and doers:inside come together as close and relaxed as in summery Munich. Loosely and effectively, throughout the day, before the evening cinema screenings and parties. The Beergarden Convention - The Munich Way the Industry Works. At Amerikahaus, right in the center of FILMFEST MÜNCHEN.



The Beergarden Convention will take place again daily at the Festival Center Amerikahaus (Karolinenplatz 3) at FILMFEST MÜNCHEN 2024. All industry panels at Amerikahaus will be held betwenn 9.30 a.m. and 7 p.m. Prerequisite for admission is an accreditation.



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Heike Kudlich, Industry Relations Manager