Film - Homage | Reinhard Hauff Filmfest 2017


Directed by Reinhard Hauff


Director: Reinhard Hauff
Section: Homage | Reinhard Hauff
Country: Federal Republic of Germany
Year: 1975
Language: German
Version: Original version
Cast: Manfred Reiss, Manfred Gnoth, Katharina Tüschen, Angelika Kulessa, Rolf Zacher, Heinz Hürländer
18+ (no age rating)



The Pauländers are smallholders oppressed by Big Agribusiness, fighting for their survival. 15-year-old Paule suffers under his authoritarian dad, who's hopelessly in debt, facing financial ruin, and lets his pent-up frustration out on his son, beating and oppressing him. Paule Pauländer manages to escape but fails to gain a foothold in freedom and ultimately returns home - where disaster awaits.

Meet the director


Reinhard Hauff

Reinhard Hauff was born 1939 as son of a magistrate in Marburg, Germany. He moved to Munich to study literature and sociology, dropping out to work for television at Munich's Bavaria Studios. The top German entertainment director of the time, Michael Pfleghar, became his mentor starting 1964. But Hauff wanted to make movies: In 1968, he started to make documentaries, TV movies and theatrical films. In 1974, he co-founded Bioskop Film together with Volker Schlöndorff and Eberhard Junkersdorf. STAMMHEIM – THE BAADER-MEINHOF GANG ON TRIAL won the Golden Bear at Berlin 1986. In 1993, he started to retire from active filmmaking and became head of dffb film school in Berlin, where he shared his expertise with young filmmakers until 2005. Reinhard Hauff lives in Munich with his wife.


Screenplay: Burkhard Driest
Director of Photography: Jürgen Jürges
Film Editor: Inez Regnier
Composer: Richard Palmer-James
Production Designer: Will Kley
Costume Design: Barbara Grupp
Sound: Gerhard Birkholz
Producer: Eberhard Junkersdorf
Production Company: Bioskop-Film GmbH
Editor: Wolf-Dietrich Brücker
TV channel: Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR)