Film - New German Cinema Filmfest 2017


Directed by Niels Laupert


Director: Niels Laupert
Section: New German Cinema
Country: Germany
Year: 2017
Language: German
Version: Original version with English subtitles
Cast: Fahri Yardim, Sylvia Hoeks, Alexander Beyer, Victoria Mayer, David Zimmerschied



Hannah and Julian have separated and meet for a last time to empty out their shared apartment. But nothing goes as planned, and their last night together becomes a turbulent roller-coaster ride: Their apartment hand-over flops and the two arguing exes are damned to spend New Year's Eve painting walls in black tie and evening gown. Whatever Happens: A romcom that hits the nerve of the times, with patchwork relationships and part-time lovers.

Meet the director


Niels Laupert

Niels Laupert was born in Frankfurt in 1975. He grew up in Frankfurt suburb Kronberg and went to work in the film industry after high school. He enrolled at Munich film school HFF to study Production in 1997, which he followed up by studying directing on special permission of his professors, graduating 2006 with a second Diplom. His graduating film SEVEN DAYS SUNDAY won the Mentor Film Award at FILMFEST MÜNCHEN 2007 and screened at international festivals. WHATEVER HAPPENS is his second feature.


Screenplay: Niels Laupert
Director of Photography: Markus Nestroy
Film Editor: Ueli Christen, Bernd Schlegel, Felix Schmerbeck
Composer: Michael Kamm, Maximilian Stephan, Tim Althoff
Production Designer: Andreas Widmann
Costume Design: Mo Vorwerck
Sound: Thorsten Bolzé
Producer: Dr. Benjamin Grosch, Niels Laupert, Benedikt, Böllhoff, Max Frauenknecht
Production Company: Jumpseat Filmprodukton GmbH, VIAFILM GmbH
Co-Production Company: ARRI Media GmbH
World Sales: Global Screen GmbH
Distributor: Universum Film