Film - Spotlight Filmfest 2019


Directed by Tim Dünschede


Director: Tim Dünschede
Section: Spotlight
Country: Germany
Year: 2019
Language: German
Version: Original version with English subtitles
Cast: Elisa Schlott, Tilman Strauß, Martin Semmelrogge, Christian Strasser, Mathias Herrmann
18+ (no age rating)



When Ana, a young compliance manager, discovers unusually high bills among her company's records, she can't imagine what an avalanche her research will set off. Not only does she cross paths with an aging small-time crook and a Viennese Mafia lord at an illegal bare-knuckle fight, she also runs into Carsten, an undercover investigator. He has long been on the trail of a network of money launderers and now faces a difficult decision — since he knows Ana all too well. The film will be presented by GENRENALE/Schockeria.

Meet the director


Tim Dünschede

Tim Dünschede was born in Speyer in 1984. He studied visual communications with an emphasis on film and television at the Kunsthochschule Kassel. Since 2012, he has been studying scene directing at HFF München. The short films he's made in the course of his studies, including FREMDE (2018), have been shown at several national and international festivals. His graduation project, LIMBO (2019), is also his first feature film.


Screenplay: Anil Kizilbuga
Director of Photography: Holger Jungnickel
Composer: David Reichelt
Production Designer: Verena Barros de Oliveira
Costume Design: Katharina Schmidt, Claudia Karpfinger
Sound: Miguel Murrieta Vásquez, Tolga Yilmaz, Jannik Flieger, Tobias Rehm
Producer: Fabian Halbig, Florian Kamhuber
Production Company: NORDPOLARIS GbR
Co-Producer: Felix Starck
Co-Production Company: Koryphäen Film
TV channel: Bayerisches Fernsehen (BR)