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Directed by Alexander Schubert


Director: Alexander Schubert
Country: Germany
Year: 2020
Language: German
Version: Original version
Cast: Bjarne Mädel, Erkan Acar, Sina Tkotsch, Adrian Topol, Sanne Schnapp, Alexander Hörbe, Alexander von Glenck, Xenia Assenza
18+ (no age rating)



In a sleepy little town somewhere in North Rhine-Westphalia, police officers Deniz (Erkan Acar) and Rocky (Adrian Topol) have almost nothing to do; nor do married couple Netti (Sanne Schnapp) and Hagen (Alexander Hörbe). Then Tina (Sina Tkotsch) turns up unexpectedly. She was assigned to begin closing down Station 23 — in view of the lack of crime, the colleagues here are apparently considered expendable. In order to save their jobs, the officers decide to switch sides and, for better or worse, commit crimes themselves. Klaus (Bjarne Mädel), a homeless man, is someone they can blame for one thing or another. However, Tina soon becomes suspicious of the soaring crime rate. To distract from themselves and to gain time, Deniz and his colleagues pretend to be investigating any- and everything, and come across a hot lead in an unsolved case of art theft. With SCHNEEFLÖCKCHEN and RONNIE & KLAID (FFMUC 2018), Mavie Films has long enjoyed cult status. Now the company is back with a film directed by actor and Heute-Show alumnus Alexander Schubert: a detective comedy about love, friendship, and self-determination — and about the difficult handling of boundaries in the interpersonal sphere.

Meet the director


Alexander Schubert

Alexander Schubert was born in Potsdam in 1970 and was initially trained as a set-maker at the DEFA Studio for Feature Films. In the early 1990s he studied acting at the HFF Konrad Wolf in Babelsberg and has since then appeared in numerous film and television productions (including GUNDERMANN and Heute-Show). In recent years, Schubert has become more and more involved as a screenwriter. With FAKING BULLSHIT, Schubert has now written the screenplay to his first feature film and is also presenting his very first work as a director.


Screenplay: Alexander Schubert
Director of Photography: Julian Landweer
Film Editor: Levent Celebi, Robert Hauser
Composer: Roman Fleischer
Production Designer: Marie-Luise Best, Axel Nocker
Costume Design: Kristin Hofmann
Sound: Kai Unger
Make-up artist: Antonia Petschow
Producer: Aysel Yilmaz, Erkan Acar, Eric Sonnenburg, Alexander von Glenck, Anne-Gret Krug, Wolfgang Krug, Hakan Kodas, Alexander von Reden
Production Company: Mavie Films, Gretchenfilm Filmproduktion GmbH
Executive producer: Basri Uluc, Christian Huber, Guido Broscheit, Ralf Wenzel, Stefan O. Mahlich, Josef Fares, Lars Jonsson
Co-Producer: Jonathan Saubach, Adrian Topol, Fabian Baier, Felix Faißt
Co-Production Company: Telepool GmbH