Film - New German Cinema Filmfest 2021


Directed by Benjamin Martins


Director: Benjamin Martins
Section: New German Cinema
Country: Germany
Year: 2020
Language: German
Version: Original version with English subtitles
Cast: Christoph Kaiser, Beate Krist, Sarah Palarczyk, Boris Becker, Klaus Rodewald
18+ (no age rating)


The walls literally close in, along with the frame, as an individual sees no way out of the Third Reich.

Christian writer, journalist, and poet Jochen Klepper (born in 1903) lives with his Jewish wife and his stepdaughter, who is also Jewish, in Germany during the Third Reich. He is one of the most significant hymnists of the 20th century, but that doesn’t shield him from an existential conflict with the National Socialist system. In late 1942, his wife and stepdaughter are refused permission to leave the country, and their deportation to a concentration camp appears imminent. When Adolf Eichmann forces him to choose between his career and his marriage, Klepper makes an unheard-of decision: a decision that thousands of Germans in mixed marriages made with him. So quietly that even today only a few have heard of it.

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Meet the director


Benjamin Martins

Trained in the acting profession, Benjamin Martins started out in theater and working on various TV and motion-picture productions before making his directorial debut in 2013 with the short film AMEISENPAKT. His films have been screened at major film festivals and have received several national and international awards. Most recently, he founded the production company Herbsthund Filme with his dog, Müsli.


Screenplay: Benjamin Martins
Director of Photography: Malte Papenfuss
Film Editor: Malte Papenfuss
Composer: Max Schuller
Production Designer: Johanna Schließer
Costume Design: Eleni Chava, Tess Ungan
Sound: Dominik Lange
Make-up artist: Monica Wegenast
Producer: Benjamin Martins, Floriana Maddalena Maiello
Production Company: Herbsthund Filme
Distributor: missingFILMs