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Directed by Franziska Buch


Director: Franziska Buch
Section: New German TV Movies
Country: Germany
Year: 2021
Language: German
Version: Original version
Cast: Nina Gummich, Thorsten Merten, Kristin Suckow, Florian Bartholomäi, Roland Wolf
18+ (no age rating)


The start of a new, refreshingly emancipated series about a resolute forensic pathologist.

Theresa Wolff is a forensic pathologist who deals with death on a daily basis but with a passion for life. She’s just returned to Jena, where she grew up, in order to head the Institute of Forensic Medicine. In her very first case, Theresa crosses paths with her childhood sweetheart, Steffen, who is now a doctor at the University Hospital. When Steffen’s wife Vera, also a doctor, is found dead in the trunk of her car at the bottom of a reservoir, Theresa realizes right away that Vera was the victim of a violent crime. Her methods, however, don’t sit well with the detective who is investigating the case.

Meet the director


Franziska Buch

Born in Stuttgart in 1960, Franziska Buch attended the University of Television and Film Munich (HFF) and has been a freelance screenwriter and director since 1991. Her graduation film, a story for children called IN SEARCH OF PARADISE (1992), had its premiere at FILMFEST MÜNCHEN 1992. Several award-winning films for and about children, mostly for television, followed, including VERSCHWINDE VON HIER (1999); EMIL UND DIE DETEKTIVE (2001), based on the classic novel by Erich Kästner; and BIBI BLOCKSBERG AND THE SECRET OF THE BLUE OWLS (2004), which earned the award for best film at the Chicago International Children’s Film Festival. Further highlights include films for adults, such as ADIEU PARIS (2013) and KÄTHE KRUSE (2015), and the children’s book adaptations CONNI & CO. (2016) and BESCHÜTZER DER DIEBE (2021). Buch co-chairs the screenwriting department at the Film Academy Baden-Württemberg.


Screenplay: Peter Dommaschk, Ralf Leuther
Director of Photography: Konstantin Kröning
Film Editor: Benjamin Hembus
Composer: Johannes Kobilke
Production Designer: Jürgen Schäfer
Costume Design: Ulla Gothe
Sound: Jörg Theil
Sound design: Henning Hein
Make-up artist: Isabella-Sophie Beyer, Sarah Wentzel
Showrunner: Kirsten Ellerbrake
Casting director: Bo Rosenmüller
Producer: Tanja Ziegler
Production Company: Ziegler Film GmbH & Co. KG
Editor: Matthias Pfeifer
TV channel: Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF)