Role models and role portrayal
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Role models and role portrayal


(and what they have to do with real life): A Panel of the German Academy of Television and the Queer Media Society.

Stereotypical, binary images of femininity and masculinity still dominate the media. But how do they still shape all of our behavior today? And what influence do they possibly have on our sexuality and gender identity? Together we will discuss how contemporary these images still are and what role the representation of diversity and identity plays in a modern media portrayal.

The speakers will be:
Author and media artist Frederik Busch (Filmfest entry DAS STARKE GESCHLECHT)
Actor Helge Lodder (Filmfest series entry WIR SIND JETZT)
Author, director and producer Doris Metz (Filmfest entry TRANS - I GOT LIFE)
Moderator: Max Appenroth (trans activist, moderator and diversity consultant)

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