Film - CineRebels Competition Filmfest 2022


Directed by Jonas Kærup Hjort


Director: Jonas Kærup Hjort
Section: CineRebels Competition
Country: Denmark
Year: 2021
Language: Danish
Version: Original version with English subtitles
Cast: Joen Højerslev, Joen Bille, Malene Melsen, Anne Fletting, Anders Plougman, Niels Plougman


An artfully claustrophobic chamber play that references Franz Kafka and Lewis Carroll.

A nameless man is granted entry to a gigantic but secluded concrete building to read the water meters. Before he knows it, he’s trapped inside the building, in a gloomy labyrinth from which there seems to be no escape. Bizarre encounters with the building’s inmates turn his concept of reality on its head.

Meet the director


Jonas Kærup Hjort

Jonas Kærup Hjort is a Danish film director who lives and works in Copenhagen. His background was in theater, both as an actor and a director, prior to attending the National Film School of Denmark. He graduated in 2017 with his short film IN A MONTH, an absurd and darkly humorous look at the human condition. This earned him the FilmFunen Talent Award, several nominations at international short film festivals, and three prizes at the Ekko Shortlist Awards. THE PENULTIMATE is his first feature film.


Screenplay: Jonas Kærup Hjort
Director of Photography: Jacob Sofussen, DFF
Film Editor: Jonas Kærup Hjort
Composer: Sven Dam Meinild, Thomas Dybdahl
Production Designer: Sabine Hviid, Kristina Kovacs
Costume Design: Nina Grønlund
Sound: Mia Johanna Koskela Michaelsen
Sound design: Lars Halvorsen, Rune Palving, Håvard Rosenberg
Make-up artist: Anette Klophus
Casting director: Lina Paaske
Producer: Rikke Tambo
Production Company: Tambo Film
Executive producer: Peter Hyldahl
Co-Production Company: Chezville
World Sales: TVCO