Film - International Independents Filmfest 2023


Directed by Erica Tremblay


Director: Erica Tremblay
Section: International Independents
Country: USA
Year: 2023
Language: English
Version: Original version
Cast: Lily Gladstone, Isabel Deroy-Olson, Ryan Begay
18+ (no age rating)


A love letter to indigenous communities across the United States and to the women and queer folks who hold them together. And in the middle of it all, the great Lily Gladstone as the leading lady.

Following her sister's disappearance, a Native American hustler named Jax kidnaps her niece, Roki, from the child's white grandparents and cares for her on the Seneca-Cayuga Reservation in Oklahoma. Every spare minute goes into finding her missing sister while also helping Roki prepare for an upcoming powwow. At the risk of losing custody, the two hit the road and scour the backcountry to track down Roki's mother in time for the powwow.

Meet the director


Erica Tremblay

Erica Tremblay is a queer Native American director, writer, and producer from the Seneca-Cayuga Nation. Her feature film debut, FANCY DANCE, continues her artistic mandate of crafting authentic stories that showcase and celebrate contemporary Native American characters not typically seen on screen. Tremblay most recently served as executive story editor on Season 2 of the FX series RESERVATION DOGS and made her television directorial debut with the season's third episode. She will co-produce the show's upcoming third season. Her previous television credits include executive story editor on AMC's DARK WINDS, produced by George R. R. Martin and Robert Redford. She is currently developing a television series based on the Pulitzer Prize finalist YELLOW BIRD. Her short film LITTLE CHIEF, which also starred Lily Gladstone, premiered at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival. Tremblay currently resides in upstate New York, where she studies her indigenous language.


Screenplay: Erica Tremblay, Miciana Alise
Director of Photography: Carolina Costa
Film Editor: Robert Grigsby Wilson
Composer: Samantha Crain
Production Designer: Charlotte Royer
Producer: Deidre Backs, Heather Rae, Erica Tremblay, Nina Yang Bongiovi, Tommy Oliver
Production Company: Confluential Films
Executive producer: Bird Runningwater, Charlotte Koh, Forest Whitaker
World Sales: Cercamon
Distributor: PROGRESS Filmverleih