Film - CineRebels Competition Filmfest 2023


Directed by Manuel Abramovich


Director: Manuel Abramovich
Section: CineRebels Competition
Country: Argentina, Brazil, France
Year: 2022
Language: Spanish
Version: Original version with English subtitles
Cast: Lalo Santos, Diablo, Brandon Ley, Chacalito Regio, Delmar Ponce
18+ (no age rating)


Blurring the line between feature and documentary, this film explores what happens to one's vitality and desire when turning one's sexuality into one's profession.

Lalo is a sex influencer: he posts nude photos of himself and homemade porn for thousands of followers on social networks. Lalo acts out his own life, but in private, when not in character, he seems to exist in a constant state of melancholy. Actor Lalo Santos actually is a sex influencer; PORNOZAPATA, the film within the film, was really shot with Lalo during the filming of PORNOMELANCOLÍA.

Meet the director


Manuel Abramovich

Manuel Abramovich, born in Buenos Aires in 1987, is a director and cinematographer. His work deals with the performative aspect of everyday life, making ordinary people its protagonists. He studied cinematography at ENERC, the national film school in Buenos Aires, is a Berlinale Talents alumnus, and graduated from the IDFA Summer School. His short film THE QUEEN (2013) earned more than 50 international awards. BLUE BOY was awarded the Silver Bear in the 2019 Berlinale Shorts Competition. His latest film, PORNOMELANCOLÍA, premiered at the San Sebastián International Film Festival.


Screenplay: Manuel Abramovich, Fernando Krapp
Director of Photography: Manuel Abramovich
Film Editor: Anita Remón, Juan Soto
Costume Design: Dudu Quintanilha
Sound: Roberta Ainstein
Producer: Gema Juárez Allen, Rachel Daisy Ellis
Production Company: Gema Films, Desvia Films
Co-Producer: David Hurst
World Sales: Luxbox