Film - Spotlight Filmfest 2023


Directed by Hermann Vaske


Director: Hermann Vaske
Section: Spotlight
Country: Germany
Year: 2023
Language: German, English, Portuguese
Version: Original version with English subtitles
Cast: Cate Blanchett, Golshifteh Farahani, Marina Abramović, Garri Kasparov, Isabella Rossellini
18+ (no age rating)


Director Hermann Vaske asks world-famous artists the ultimate question: Can the extraordinary power of creativity save us?

In “Can Creativity Save the World?”, the final part of Hermann Vaske’s Creativity Trilogy, we’re questioning whether the extraordinary power of imagination and creativity can address the existential threat we’re facing as a planet and a species. The answers came from some unusual people – people universally considered to be among the world’s greatest creative minds. Our hope is that these visionaries can show us how to identify our own creativity – how to free it up and how to apply that creativity to a needy world.

Furthermore there is an exhibition on the topic at Literaturhaus. Here you can find out more about it.

Meet the director


Hermann Vaske

Hermann Vaske was born in Vechta in northern Germany in 1956. As a director, he has worked with such actors as Dennis Hopper, Harvey Keitel, and John Cleese, and as a producer, with such luminaries as Nelson Mandela, Stephen Hawking, and the Dalai Lama. Vaske’s films have been screened at the Cannes, Toronto, and Palm Springs festivals, and received various awards, including the Grimme Preis and the Hessian Film Award. His film WHY ARE WE CREATIVE? (2018) premiered at the Venice Film Festival; WHY ARE WE (NOT) CREATIVE was shown at FILMFEST MÜNCHEN in 2021. “Why Are You Creative?”, his exhibition of artwork ranging from David Bowie and Marina Abramović to Damien Hirst and Jeff Koons, was shown in Frankfurt, Berlin, and Essen, as well as at the Cannes Film Festival. CAN CREATIVITY SAVE THE WORLD? is the third film in his Creativity Trilogy.


Screenplay: Hermann Vaske
Director of Photography: Patricia Lewandowska, Tom Keller
Film Editor: Bastian Ahrens, Lia Mizrahi Goldfarb, Fabio Holub
Composer: Mark Reeder, Micha Adam
Sound: Antonia Pouch
Sound design: Gregor Arnold
Animation: Valérie Pirson
Producer: Hermann Vaske
Production Company: Emotional Network GmbH
Executive producer: Avi Mehler
Co-Producer: Charles V. Bender