Film - New German TV Movies Filmfest 2023


Directed by Adolfo J. Kolmerer, Christian Alvart


Director: Adolfo J. Kolmerer, Christian Alvart
Section: New German TV Movies
Country: Germany
Year: 2023
Language: German
Version: Original version with German subtitles
Cast: Karoline Schuch, Felix Kramer, Lucas Gregorowicz, Julius Gause, Adrian Topol
18+ (no age rating)


A killer reveals his bizarre life’s work in this thriller series.

A pile of bodies and the bones of 248 victims are discovered in a fallow field in the Oderbruch region of eastern Germany. Random murders that don’t seem to have a motive, spread out over the past two decades. The corpses have been drained of all their blood. There is no trace of the killer. This spectacular case takes former police officer Maggie Kring back to the area she grew up in and the place where her little brother Kai disappeared during a flood in 1997.

The screening will include the first two episodes of the series.

Meet the director


Adolfo J. Kolmerer, Christian Alvart

Adolfo J. Kolmerer is an award-winning director of films and commercials who lives in Berlin. Born in Caracas, Venezuela, and holding a degree in computer science, Adolfo decided to do something different. He packed a 20-pound suitcase, left his home country, and moved to Berlin. In the process of learning German and working at different jobs, he was invited to a film set, and that’s when he found his true calling: filmmaking. Since then, he has been pursuing his dream job shooting feature films, television series, commercials, and music videos. Kolmerer works fluently in three languages: English, Spanish, and German.

Christian Alvart was born near Frankfurt am Main in 1974. His strict Christian upbringing frowned upon film and television. Instead, he read about movies, how they were made, and the novels or the source material they were based upon. When he finally got his hands on films, he couldn’t stop watching them and often went to the movies six times a week. In 2005, his breakthrough as a director came with his second film, ANTIBODIES. At its premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival, he was named one of “Five Directors to Watch”; the AFI Festival called him “the New Face of German Cinema”. ANTIBODIES was invited to the Edinburgh Film Festival and many others and received a number of awards. Alvart filmed THE ISLAND, a disturbing series about a deadly virus, just prior to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic; this work of fiction turned out to have shocking parallels to real events. Three years earlier, he had brought the TATORT crime series to movie theaters. In the late 2000s, he had also done directing work in Hollywood alongside Renée Zellweger.


Screenplay: Arend Remmers, Ronny Schalk, Martin Behnke, Christian Alvart
Original Material: Arend Remmers, Adolfo J. Kolmerer
Director of Photography: Christian Huck, Christian Alvart
Film Editor: Marc Hofmeister, Laura Wachauf
Composer: Max Filges, Roman Fleischer, Christoph Schauer, Tim Schwerdter
Production Designer: Carina Cavegn, Verena Barros de Oliviera
Costume Design: Dorota Budna
Sound: Torsten Többen-Jung
Sound design: Basis Berlin Postproduktion GmbH
Make-up artist: Meike Gfrörer
Casting director: Suse Marquardt
Producer: Syrreal Entertainment, Sigi Kamml, Timm Oberwelland, Christian Alvart, Max Breuer, Nils Gustenhofen
Production Company: Syrreal Entertainment
Executive producer: Meghan Lyvers, Lindsay Martin, Katie Crook, Christoph Pellander, Sebastian Lückel, Patrick Noel Simon
Co-Producer: ARD Degeto, CBS Studios
Co-Production Company: ARD Degeto, CBS Studios
World Sales: CBS Studios
TV channel: ARD Degeto