Film - Kinderfilmfest Filmfest 2023


Directed by Sylvain Cruiziat


Director: Sylvain Cruiziat
Section: Kinderfilmfest
Country: Germany
Year: 2023
Language: German, English
Version: Original version with German subtitles
Cast: Maxime, Vilas, Julian


Director Sylvain Cruiziat draws upon his close relationship to his brother to paint a fascinatingly intimate documentary portrait of the concerns and desires of a young generation.

The director focuses on his younger brother Maxime and his brother's expat friends Julian and Vilas, observing their carefree student lives in Munich day and night. But the end of their bromance is near, because in a few weeks the boys will have to part ways. This entertaining portrait of a close friendship among boys concerned with nonexistent sex lives, their search for love, and questions about their own penis size, renders visible what is otherwise hard to discern behind the façade of male youth.

Recommended for ages 14 and up.

Meet the director


Sylvain Cruiziat

Sylvain Cruiziat is a German-French filmmaker who grew up in London, Paris, and Hong Kong before enrolling at the University of Television and Film Munich (HFF) in 2014 to study documentary filmmaking. Since then, he has made short films, including FIND FIX FINISH (2017) and THE RAFT (2019), which have been screened at the San Sebastián International Film Festival, Visions du Réel, the IDFA International Documentary Film Festival, and the Toronto International Film Festival. BOYZ is his first feature-length film and his graduation film at the HFF.


Director of Photography: Nikolai Huber
Film Editor: Felicitas Sonvilla
Sound: Sylvain Cruiziat, Andrew Mottl
Sound design: Philip Hutter, Andrew Mottl
Producer: Jonas Egert, Sylvain Cruiziat
Production Company: madfilms Cruiziat & Egert GbR
Co-Production Company: HFF Munich