Film - Museum Brandhorst | Uranians Filmfest 2023



Section: Museum Brandhorst | Uranians
Version: Original version with English subtitles
18+ (no age rating)


A program of short films curated by A.L. Steiner

APHRODITE URANIA is a program of short films curated by A.L. Steiner, featuring a selection of works made at the turn of the century through 2022. Emerging within two decades of social activism, transitional languages, porno superstructures and artist-centric subcultures, the works chosen represent independently-produced works challenging archetypal and hegemonic representations of queer sexuality. An erotic, sensual, analytical, and curious group experience in lesbian processing, the explicit sexual desires presented on screen are guaranteed to titillate, pique, humor, entertain and challenge the audience.
Featuring works by Kajsa Dahlberg, Shine Louise Houston, H. Lenn Keller, Nyala Moon, Marit Östberg, Peaches with A.L. Steiner + Lex Vaughn, Jenn Reeves + M.M. Serra, and Jan Soldat.