Film - 40 Years FFMUC Filmfest 2023


Directed by Isaac Julien


Director: Isaac Julien
Section: 40 Years FFMUC
Country: United Kingdom
Year: 1991
Language: English
Version: Original version with German subtitles
Cast: Valentine Nonyela, Mo Sesay, Dorian Healy, Sophie Okonedo, Frances Barber
18+ (no age rating)


Two friends experience an electrifying summer of violence, music, and love against the backdrop of a changing society.

London in the summer of 1977, the week of the queen's Silver Jubilee. TJ, cruising the park, has been murdered; a beatbox lying in the bushes is the only clue. Chris and Caz, two friends of TJ's, are young black disc jockeys who run a pirate radio station. Chris, who has come into possession of the beatbox containing the taped voices of TJ and his killer, has ambitions beyond the pirate station and gets an interview at a commercial station. Romance blossoms when he meets Tracy there. Caz, angry at Chris's defection and jealous of his new relationship with Tracy, turns his back on Chris and picks up punk boy Billibudd. Meanwhile, the police have arrested Chris for the murder; he has clearly been framed. The pirate station is broken into and the equipment destroyed. At the "Stuff the Jubilee" concert in the park, Caz DJ's with Billibudd when skinheads start attacking the punks. A voice is then heard on the PA system, revealing the true identity of the murderer.

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Meet the director


Isaac Julien

Isaac Julien was born in East London in 1960. He studied painting and film at St. Martin’s School of Art. He is a co-founder of Sankofa Film & Video, a pioneering group of young black filmmakers who have produced groundbreaking radical drama for cinema and television since 1983. Julien is also known for his art installations and has been a lecturer in New York City, Karlsruhe, and elsewhere.


Screenplay: Paul Hallam, Derrick Saldaan McClintock, Isaac Julien