Film - Events Filmfest 2023




Date: Wed, June 28
Opening Hours: 3–6 pm
Location: Pavillon333
Talk: 4–5 pm
All are welcome. Admission free — first come, first served

An exhibition of student media art projects from the University of Television and Film Munich (HFF) and LMU Munich, plus a talk (4–5 pm) with AI professor Sylvia Rothe (HFF). Talk in German.

This artistic experiment reveals the hidden effects of climate change. The project illustrates the specific effects of climate change on specific places by using artificial intelligence and augmented reality to alter moments captured in the past. In doing so, it invites us to consider the power of our memories: How do they shape our behavior, influence our decisions, and catalyze our emotions? The focus is particularly on childhood memories, which are often distorted in our perception of them. This work allows us to reinterpret emotional memories in either radiant utopias or somber dystopias. These manipulated images reflect the possible paths our climate may take in the future and encourage us to reflect upon them.
An AI project by Fangli Lu, Ardit Mazreku, Erdem Turgut.

Exhibit: HFF Munich, large TV studio
Opening hours: June 27–28 10 am – 5 pm
A traversable installation that makes it possible to confront the collective subconscious of all previous visitors. Inside a dome, one can whisper one’s latest dream to an abstract figure. All inputs are continually merged with a collective dream, which is rendered visible and projected on the inside of the dome.
An AI project by Eduard von Briesen, Ronny Kohlhaus, Hanna Zihan Kong, Moritz Fortunat Schlögell, Luis Sütter.

Inspired by the Little Prince, Wiener Melange tells the emotional story of a character in isolation, about the longing for friends, closeness and the feeling of being loved, in the form of a music video. Throughout the creative process, AIs were involved. In the finished video, this creates an experimental and unique look, including sequences generated entirely by AI. An AI project by Pauline Leininger, Quirin Mueller, Ivan Dubrovin, Manuel Boskamp, Chrysa Bika, Janina Rnsum.