Film - New German Cinema


Directed by Noaz Deshe


Director: Noaz Deshe
Section: New German Cinema
Country: Germany, France
Year: 2024
Language: Arabic
Version: Original version with English subtitles
Cast: Abdulrahman Diab, Osama Hafiry, Jalal Albaroudi, Hazem Saleh, Moutaz Alshaltouh
18+ (no age rating)


A drama featuring genuine asylum-seekers, inspired by true stories.

Palestinian-Syrian teenager Nasser and his brother are in a Greek refugee camp, awaiting a decision on their asylum application. They pass the time by making videos of comedy sketches they think up. Nasser, however, feels increasingly trapped in this no-man’s-land fraught with tensions and repressed traumas.


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    City 2
  • Sendlinger Tor
  • HFF Kino 2
  • City 1

Meet the director


Noaz Deshe

Noaz Deshe is a director, cinematographer, and musician whose art has been displayed in galleries in London and Berlin. His first feature film, WHITE SHADOW (FILMFEST MÜNCHEN 2014), about a young man with albinism, received the Lion of the Future Award in Venice. XOFTEX is his second feature film. In addition to being an artist, Deshe has also been a volunteer on maritime rescue missions and in refugee camps.



Screenplay: Noaz Deshe, Babak Jalali
Director of Photography: Noaz Deshe
Film Editor: Noaz Deshe, Felipe Guerrero
Composer: Thomas Moked Blum, Noaz Deshe
Production Designer: Marita Götz, Lea Walloschke
Costume Design: Laila Bayazeed
Sound: Tobias Boehm
Sound design: Lars Ginzel, Oliver Achatz, Louise Hofmann
Animation: Rudolf Germann
Casting director: Majd Hafiry
Producer: Andro Steinborn
Production Company: Arden Film GmbH
Co-Producer: Christophe Audeguis
Co-Production Company: The Cup Of Tea
Distributor: Port Au Prince Pictures
Editor: Lucia Haslauer
TV channel: ZDF Kleines FS